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Builders Risk Insurance
Building Contractors Insurance
At a glance

The fact that Contractors work on-site creates unique insurance challenges. Property insurance protects your tools and equipment while at your place of business, but does not cover you on a job site. It also doesn’t cover you for any damage you may cause to the construction site. Fortunately, Builders Risk Insurance covers the most common scenarios Contractors face such as:

Protecting your investments

Often, Contractors are unable to recoup investments in building materials until a job is completed. Builders Risk Insurance reimburses you for losses or damages that may occur before the job is completed.

Protecting your business equipment

Having your tools damaged or stolen on a job site can potentially lead to thousands of dollars in losses. But this isn’t the worst part. Now, you may be forced to use substandard gear, and wait to purchase the missing or damaged tools, which can lead to project delays and late project penalties. Builders Risk Insurance can help you to quickly replace your tools, and complete the project on time.

Provides a backup plan

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. A wrong order, or an act of God can lead to unanticipated costs or delays. Builders Risk Insurance can help you recoup your losses in the case of such an unplanned event.

What is covered

Business Risk Insurance covers the following areas:

  1. Tool and Equipment theft – This can also include materials such as copper wire, or other expensive items.
  2. Fire damage to structures – This includes in-process structures that can often cost more to tear down and rebuild than what the original estimate was. This can also include debris removal.
  3. Vandalism to work site – sometimes teenagers can destroy the work you have done. Builders Risk Insurance compensates for losses due to vandalism.
  4. Structural damage due to weather – Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fire, or any other damages due to natural disasters are covered.


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